About Us

Green Research was founded by Mark and Jennifer Shelhart in 2012. Mark and Jennifer are currently devoting their home and spare time to Green Research while each having their own careers and a full house of four children. The Shelharts started Green Research after learning about the effects of E-waste to our environment and also learning about scandalous so called “recyclers”. At the same time, Mark was running BOINC on their home computer when it was not in use. The idea seemed obvious to Jennifer since most computers that are disposed of are simply outdated, not unusable. The computers should be put to use for a good cause and not sold as scrap. The Shelharts’ hope is that Green Research becomes an employer of the community and a standard alternative to recycling.  Jennifer was featured as Chicago Lite FM’s “Woman of the Week” in March of 2012. They are looking to expand the mission of Green Research to include conservation and preservation of sensitive habitats as well as education of permaculture and other sustainable practices.