Donating old video cards. Yes, a great value to Green Research speed

As we are using old computers to help find a cure, we’ve also learned that old video cards are a GREAT ADDITION to our cause.

Because of all the 3D gaming and advanced graphics these days  video cards have their own processor or “brain” chip on them.   In your computer, this chip is the CPU.  On your video card, this is called the GPU (graphical processing unit)  Not only do these cards  speed up our work,   it can speed them up 100’s if not 1000’s times faster.  We’ve been taking donated video cards, and putting them into other donated PCs and having incredible results.

Do you (or your kids) have an old video card lying around?  Video cards that work best for us, might have a blue VGA port, or white DVI port on them (or both).  In most cases, people buy a newer card because it is ‘faster’, and the old one goes on the shelf or in the trash.  Help us make a difference by donating the card instead of trashing it!

Geek Fun Fact:  If you have 10 minutes and want to understand how much difference a GPU can make, watch this video from the Mythbusters.  They make it easy to understand (and really fun)


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