Churches hosting PC donation drives

Is your your youth group always looking for a community project?  Green Research uses old and broken computers to help find cures for diseases through research.  Our organization could really use your help collecting OLD computers from your neighborhood and community.   We appeciate any volunteer efforts and any new ideas the help us grow our cause.   Some previous donation drive ideas have included:

  • Explain Green Research to your congregation on Sunday.  2 minutes explaining how we used old computers from your basement to help fight disease is a great help.
  • Is there room in your bulletin to explain Green Research to the congregation?  Even a single donation of a 10 year laptop can make a difference.
  • Door-to-door can also be effective in the right neighboorhoods.  Many people are happy to help if it means you’ve made the effort to come to them
  • Tell your parents?  Grownups may know of an old computer in their office workplace.  In many cases, there may be A LOT of old machines just taking up space.

Anywhere you find old hardware, you can help Green Reseach keep these computers out of landfills, and help find cures to diseases.  Message us on Facebook, or call us today if you are thinking about hosting a drive.    219-262-1054.

Thank you all for your support!