But I have data on my old computer. How can I donate?

When you donate your old computer, we don’t need the hard drive to make it work. (Your hard drive is the small box in your computer where all your files are stored.) Our special way of re-using computers means that we just need the “brain” to turn on. With laptops, we don’t even need the screen to turn on.

When we come to pick up your old computer, one of our volunteers will help you remove your hard drive while you wait. Usually it takes less than 1 minute. You can hold on to all you old pictures, and movies and files. We’ll use your old machine to help cure disease. ūüôā

Thanks to our green donors for asking the question!

Press Release – Old Computer Donation Drive

‚Äč‚ÄčWhile you are shopping for a new computer or tablet this holiday, let your old PC be put to use to help our planet.
‚ÄčGreen Research, a Valparaiso, In.¬† based non-profit wants you to donate your old laptop and desktop.¬† They take old machines and retask them to perform academic research to fight cancer and other fatal diseases.¬†¬†¬† Not only does this reduce electronics in landfills, it creates data, for many different projects around the globe.
‚ÄčAny old laptop or desktop can be donated to Green Research.¬†¬† Machines that no longer run can be easily retasked by their team.¬†¬† Even that old laptop on your shelf with a broken screen can be put to use, bettering the planet.¬† For the few machines that are beyond repair, Green Research will recycle them in an eco-friendly way.¬†¬†
‚ÄčIf you have one old computer you would like to donate (or an organization with several), please make contact to schedule a pickup.
‚ÄčGreen Research can be reached at 219-262-1054 Facebook and Twitter.
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‚ÄčOld Computer Donation Drive

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I made an official Facebook page, Twitter page and Linkedin Profile.  The intention is to post updates about donation centers, fundraiser events and educational information about our cause. If you want to recieve updates from us, the links are in the sidebar. Thank you for supporting our cause!

…and we’re off!

We finally have the site launched! Getting this not for profit organization up and running has taken several years but here we are, ready to rock! Our foundation has two main functions.¬† The first being to eliminate E-waste. To learn more about E-waste click here.¬† The second function is to contribute to scientific research. Someday, it would be nice to be able to say ” I found the cure for cancer using a laptop I¬†pulled out of¬†the trash.”. That’s the goal. Cancer research¬†is just¬†one of the hundreds of scientific studies we contribute to.¬†The more computers we get, the more research we can provide.¬† To donate your broken or¬†unwanted laptop, click here. Thanks for reading!