Jennifer Shelhart – LiteFM’s Woman of the Week – (recorded online Interview)

Jennifer was awarded LiteFMs woman of the week!  Hear the interview here.   Jennifer Shelhart, Founder, Green Research Corporation. Green  Research takes old computers headed for the landfill and re-tasks them to  perform academic research to fight cancer and other fatal diseases.    To donate your computer or volunteer: Read more:

Churches hosting PC donation drives

Is your your youth group always looking for a community project?  Green Research uses old and broken computers to help find cures for diseases through research.  Our organization could really use your help collecting OLD computers from your neighborhood and community.   We appeciate any volunteer efforts and any new ideas the help us grow our […]

Cancer Breakthroughs in 2012

In case you’ve missed it, there have been at least 2 great cancer breakthroughs in the past couple months.  We are Green Research would like to thank all of you for your support in 2012, and hope for an even bigger 2013.  Lets all find a cure together!  🙂   Reposted from Cancer breakthrough: […]